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Address: 5308 17 Ave SW #10 Calgary, AB T3E 6S6 Canada

Phone: (403) 217-1355

– Sunday: 11 AM – 8 PM
– Monday – Thursday: 10 AM – 10 PM
– Friday: 10 AM – 12 PM
– Must be 18+; Bring proper ID

License No.: 781867

Interior of High Bar Cannabis Dispensary in Calgary

About High Bar Cannabis Calgary

Welcome to our Calgary weed dispensary! On March 23, 2021, we opened our doors at 5308 17 Ave SW #10 Calgary, AB T3E 6S6 Canada, in the Westland Centre, to serve the city of Calgary, as well as the many great neighborhoods within its city limits. 

These communities include Glendale, Westgate, Glenbrook, Christie park, Killarney, Glengarry, Rosscarrock, Strathcona Park, Signal Ridge, Signal Hill, Sienna Hills, Glamorgan, Rutland Park, and beyond.

How our Dispensary is Different

We raise the bar for weed stores.

It was important to us to create a better dispensary, a more high-end quality cannabis store in Calgary. 

We hear this a lot: “Wow, this is the nicest store I’ve ever seen. How long has this been open?” And that’s what we envisioned.

Cannabis in general is about the experience. This is proven in the vast amount of products, flower strains, etc. that provide sensation and benefit options. So, shouldn’t your shopping experience represent the same thing? 

We want you to walk into our weed store and feel like you’ve stepped into a different world, one that makes you excited to look around.

Educated, Helpful Budtenders

Our budtenders and staff are passionate and educated about cannabis. This means they can carry on an intelligent, accurate conversation about the products you’re seeking and help you find the perfect fit. In fact, they want that connection with you. They enjoy knowing our customers by name when you walk in.  

You’ll appreciate their insightful recommendations if that’s what you’re wanting, or they can help you get just what you came here for.

A High Bar Cannabis Budtender Shoutout

“Went there for the first time tonight. And Harp was very helpful and knowledgeable. I will definitely be going back. And this product made all the difference when trying to get through seven days straight of working. Living with chronic pain for over three years I have tried numerous different things. And this has been the best choice yet!” – christina smith

* * *

Our budtenders are here to offer suggestions on products you’ve never heard of before that could be your next favourite product, whether you’re an old pro with cannabis or a first time user. 

Budtender Suggestions

These customers discovered products they loved from our budtender suggestions:

“Great experience as always. I’m so happy to get the suggestions and the curated experience. We’ve gotten to know some of the people who work there and they’re all so great. A truly positive and happy vibe. Astounding to have found this place during the pandemic. Special shout out to Harp as well, made me want to be a loyal customer and kept me coming back. Thanks again, happy to be a continual, stoned customer.” – D.D McGee

* * *

“Love this store! Get to know your budtender!! These guys are great! Got me into the best strains I never knew about. CBD bath bombs? Check that out!! A MUST TRY! I’ll BE BACK.  😁😁😁” – Tashi Topgyal

* * *

“Great new store. I didn’t know what I should get but the staff were a great help, very knowledgeable. Gave me some great choices. I’ll definitely be back. Great place to try.” – Paul Dhillon

* * *

“I’m not so knowledgeable with cannabis but I feel comfortable shopping at High Bar due to their high expertise in their product. I always seem to be guided in the right direction Highly recommend High Bar.” – Gaming SoociaL

* * *

Calgary Cannabis Delivery

Need your weed delivered? 

We can get it to you anywhere in Calgary in about 30 minutes. Where else can you find this type of commitment and customer service?

We add new online menu items every week, so check back often. You can even sign up for our newsletter and receive product updates, special offers, cannabis information, and more!

Once your age is verified, you can view our online menu for flower, extracts, vapes, and edibles. Verify here.

If you’ve already been verified, you can skip straight to the log in. It’s that simple.

Weed Delivery Reviews

Here are some real reviews from people who have used our Calgary weed delivery service already:

“After the closure of the Alberta government site for cannabis delivery, these guys fit the role perfectly. Get my product delivered in a speedy, and timely manner. Driver is always polite. And each purchase seemingly comes with swag, and feels like being treated kingly. Makes me wanna keep coming back to them.” – bogdan ivkovic

* * *

“Fantastic customer service over the phone from Harp. Great products, great prices, good online ordering setup, very quick inventory management system. Better prices than the AGLCs online store before it closed. Fast delivery!” – S MACK

* * *

Weed Products

We carry high-quality, premium weed products that match the standards of our dispensary. You know that whatever cannabis items you choose, whether it’s a flower, vape, extract, or edible, it’s going to be good. 

To view our selection, your age must be verified and an account created per new AGLC regulations. (But don’t worry. We make it easy to do!)

High Bar Cannabis Google Reviews

“I absolutely adore and love this cannabis store so much. The price, the quality, the delivery service and the wonderful customer service. The staff is very friendly and understanding of all of your cannabis needs. This is definitely my #1 pot-shop! If you have any cannabis needs go to HIGH BAR CANNABIS!” – alyson canales

* * *

“Bright and open space with great selection and competitive pricing. The guys always take time to help you get the right product, it doesn’t feel pressured. They also have a big selection of refrigerated drinks which is cool (well, cold actually!). You can buy a bevvy and go next door to pick up a pizza! How good is that!” – Mar

* * *

“I mostly shop online through hibuddy and a few other sites and High Bar had this cart by San Rafel in stock at a reasonable price. Had a great chat with the staff about cannabis news and new products coming out soon. Anyways, if you are in the SW hit them up. Cool store and a great selection.” – C Ward

* * *

“First time I was in the store today. Service was great and inside of the store was nice and modern. Good product, great location!” – Tracy Lopes-Enns

* * *

“This place is at the top of my favourite cannabis shops! The prices are hard to beat and the staff are GREAT!” – Tami Boron

* * *

“What a great place, great staff, great customer service and a wide variety of flower and gummies. I highly recommend HighBar.” – Andrew Boucher

* * *

“Truly a 5 star. 60 flowers, 60 pre-rolls. Upper end quality, lower end pricing.” – Bryan Simpson

* * *

“Love this place! Truly a sanctuary of love and peace. High Bar is the best of everything!” – Raj Toor

* * *

“The place is great with knowledgeable and friendly staff, great atmosphere, also the prices were good and the selection was great. I would definitely be coming back and recommend it to all.” – Richie Gill

* * *

“Excellent staff, super product. Top notch shop. Wish you could have a drink while you’re shopping. 😁” – Dennis Odding

* * *